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British Council

Festival Travel Grants 2024

The British Council works around the world to support the UK’S arts and culture sectors to be better connected internationally, increasing engagement by international audiences and favourability towards UK arts and culture.  Providing opportunities for purposeful international engagement by UK creative professionals is key to this, and we are pleased to be able to offer festival travel grants to mainland China.

There are many artistic festivals in mainland China, often presenting innovative and experimental work to an international standard. The grants will allow representatives of UK arts festivals to travel to mainland China in 2024, to gain a better understanding of the cultural landscape and build their capability to engage with Chinese partners, make connections and lay the groundwork for future collaboration.

Grant Amount

Grants will be offered of up to £3,000. Each festival is only eligible to receive one grant per year and we anticipate that we will be able to offer around ten grants in round one and five in round two.

What is the grant for?

The grant will enable either a representative from a UK festival to visit a festival or festivals in mainland China. Through attending the festival, participants will gain a better understanding of the cultural landscape in mainland China, and make connections which will benefit their festival in the UK. We have decided to create this opportunity around festivals to allow grantees to benefit from the support provided by festival organisers and the volume of sector contacts they are likely to meet during the host festival.

Please note – applicants will need to make their own travel, visa and insurance arrangements. Please refer to the ‘Notes for applicants’ – Budget Session for examples of cost items that the grant can cover.

For more information, visit British Council