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Writing and Publishing


United Kingdom

The Society of Authors

Drusilla Harvey Access Fund

Giving authors support for travel, subsistence, childcare or access needs for events, residencies, and retreats

Usual grants will be under £100 and no more than £350, but fair consideration will be given to all proposals.

Deadlines for applications

The fund will begin accepting applications from 1 January 2023.

The fund will be open all year round and claims under £150 will be assessed on a rolling basis (usually within two weeks) with larger requests processed on a quarterly basis.


Grants are awarded to all authors, by which we mean:

  • Anyone who creates work for publication, broadcast or performance. You do not need to be a member to apply but you should meet our criteria for membership. You can find out more about this eligibility here
  • Open to UK residents and British citizens.

Grants can be used for:

  • Travel to events including overnight stays and subsistence.
  • Childcare and carer support while attending an event, residency, or retreat.
  • Travel, accommodation, and subsistence for a companion if one is required.
  • Other access needs such as materials translated into an accessible format.

Grants cannot be used for:

  • Events where an author has been invited to speak as these expenses should be covered by the organisation running the event.
  • Course fees.
  • If you are unsure if you are eligible please get in touch with and we will be able to discuss your individual circumstances with you.

Receiving funds:

  • We would generally prefer applicants to fund at least 25% of the cost themselves but applications for up to 100% of costs can be made.
  • All travel and accommodation should be in line with the SoA Expense Policy and we will need electronic copies of all invoices/receipts.
  • Grants of a smaller percentage may be awarded based on circumstances

For more information, visit The Society of Authors