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Arts Council England

Cultural Development Fund: Round Four | EOI

The aim of the Cultural Development Fund is to level up through investment in culture. The fund will unlock local growth and productivity, increase access to excellent creativity and culture, and regenerate communities. It will achieve this through capital investment in transformative place-based creative and cultural initiatives.

Key Information

Funding activity:

Capital investment in physical space (construction projects) for culture and creative industries purposes.

Total fund: 

£15.2 million

Grant range: 

Between £2 million and £5 million.

Applicants can apply for capital (asset) activity with a limited proportion of resource activity (project activity).

Applicants can apply for a maximum of £700,000 for supporting resource activity within their total budget.


Local partnerships led by a local authority, Local Enterprise Partnership, or other appropriate body.

Places that have a strategic vision for their development and can demonstrate both cultural maturity and commitment to culture-led growth but need investment in physical and/or digital infrastructure or other assets to accelerate and maximise their impact.

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