Mark Farid - Seeing I: The Lives of Hounslow

For 16 hours, Paul, Niina, and Q, each recorded one day of their life


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Sep 1, 2021

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Oct 10, 2021




40 High Street Brentford

Seeing I: The Lives of Hounslow, explores the real-life lives of people within the local community, and issues that matter to them. Wearing a custom developed pair of sunglasses fitted with covert miniature camera lenses and microphones capable of recording a full 360° field of view, from first person point-of-view, for 24-continuous-hours, every aspect of Paul, Niina, and Q’s life are captured; from brushing their teeth, to their bike rides, to their work, social life, and children, to their most intimate moments. Their everyday actions become transformed into an act of sharing; nothing is edited out. Any editing takes the form of self-censorship – and performance – as they determine which aspects of their lives they wish to share with the audience. In a world where every moment of our lives are documented and made public, how do they adapt to being watched?

For more information visit watermans.org.uk/events/seeing-i-the-lives-of-hounslow/

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