The Brunswick Gallery

Live Art by Debbie Baxter at The Brunswick Art Gallery

The Brunswick Art Gallery is thrilled to announce that celebrated artist Debbie Baxter will be creating a live painting demonstration in the window of the Gallery for the month of…


Event Details



Event Starts

Sep 1, 2021

Event Ends

Sep 30, 2021


The Brunswick Gallery


unit 38A The Brunswick Centre

The public will be able to admire her incredible work as it comes to life and ask her questions about her
style, inspiration, and work ethic. Debbie Baxter is our first artist in the window to partake in our ‘Art
Is In The Window’ live exhibition event that will run over the coming months.
Debbie studied at the St Albans School of Art and grew up surrounded by the English Countryside.
She studied under Daniel Samuels, an international artist who painted exceptional Greek
mythological pieces and more recently the artist Christiane Kubrick, widow of film director, Stanley.
She has a particular interest in trees and is fascinated by their majesty of shape and design. She lived
for eight years in Indonesia where colour is striking and vivid, which taught her to never be afraid of
the wide variety of hues nature has to offer.

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