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International Physical Theatre Residency

Workshop in Trebnitz Castle residency (near Berlin) for performers, actors, dancers, choreographers, circus performers, directors who missed for the physical training and professional peers!

International Multidisciplinary Workshop / Residency

The training is designed as the multidisciplinary intensive lab with participation and practice together with performers from different techniques and countries. Multidisciplinarity and multiculturality are the most important principles of NIPAI programs.

The practical sessions develop in the form of various exercises based on improvisation, space exploration and interacting with partners. Individual, pair and group exercises develop in a particular sequence from simple to more compound.

Ostrenko will also introduce you to

the method of rehearsal - "from exercises to building up a scene";

the method of analysis of the play;

the method of working on the text with actor and dancers;

the approach of working with actors on movement, and working with dancers on text, which helps each performer to make their performances more alive.

The workshop is highly recommended to directors interested in learning about ensemble building, directing, structuring the rehearsal process, to clarify and hone what they already know and to get exposed to new techniques and methodologies, and ultimately, to network with practitioners from different countries and establish future creative partnerships with like-minded people.

All students enrolling in this intensive One-Week Workshop should be aware that this is an introductory course. The limitations of a one-week course should be apparent, given that many people spend years studying and perfecting the craft.

Students will be introduced to Meyerhold's "Biomechanics", M.Chekhov's "Psychological Gesture" and Stanislavsky's "Physical Action", with experienced professional practitioners, experts in performing arts pedagogy, directing and practice in multicultural groups and multidisciplinary projects - Ostrenko Brothers.

The working language is English.

Location: All Scotland ,England, Wales, Northern Ireland, International

For further information, please contact or visit

The deadline is Saturday 01 August 2020 at 10:30.


Thursday 11 June, 2020
Saturday 1 August, 2020
Trebnitz Castle
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