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The Body in Algorithms - Publication Project (Call for Submissions)

Algorithms design objective ‘knowns’ in order to anticipate behaviours and reduce future uncertainties. They produce measurable and calculable data, causing an organization of entropy, the emulation of bias, and practice of racial exclusions. Algorithmic-inscribed power relations flood the human body through consumable media, fabricating a network of conflicting potentialities. The body, defined in and through these systems of quantifiable data, is in a parameter of logic where sense experience ruminates with technological ‘truths.’ As we swim the waves of coded networks, how are we attuning to our body’s senses, feelings, and emotions?

Through technological systems, we have expanded beyond our physicality and intimately provoked surveillance technologies to see, and inform, our most inner self. The panopticon, a western embodiment of sight with its single territory perspective - where one body is looking at multiple moving bodies in a cell - has shifted into a new realm. The ‘all seeing eye’ has entered into the network of our cell-bodies altering the mechanisms from which we understand our body. In its capacity to refract bodily sensations and expressions into data, surveillance technologies freeze the liquid body into a state of definitive knowing.

How deeply are we attuned to the technological systems we place ourselves in, and we place in ourselves? Where is our sensing-body located in the experiences that arise from these attunements? Can we construct algorithms that enable an experience of tactility without having to drown in an architecture of definitive truths? Can algorithms facilitate self-awareness, empathy, and care, in these waves of objective potentialities?

The Body in Algorithms - a publication project led by Georgia Perkins and Ashley Middleton - invites artists, writers, performers, healers, scientists, technologists, et al., to submit work related to the body in coded systems: technological, sociological, economical, political, or otherwise.

Submissions Due 30 Sept

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Thursday 3 September, 2020
Wednesday 30 September, 2020

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