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Tapped: 11th Annual Exhibit of Paired Works

11th Annual Exhibit of Paired Works by Artists and their Current or Former Instructors*

Please Note - this is NOT a call for collaborative works.
TAPPED will feature works made by distinct individuals.

DEADLINE: September 26, 2020

The relationship between artists and their current or former instructors can be a powerful one. Even when this bond is left unstated, we carry our professors' voices forward in time as we mature as artists and people. We eventually realize that the instruction given by our teachers during our relatively brief careers as students continues to expand within us. We realize that the learning they inspired (or insisted upon) is a chain-reaction process that develops across our lifetime. All of us who have been students carry forward our teachers' legacy in one form or another. And those who are, or have been teachers, bear witness to the potency of studenthood.

Most working artists have been a student at some point in time. Most have reached where they are because of this.

Out of respect for this artist-teacher bond, and in honor of instructors working hard to help artists tap into a higher mind relative to art and life, we offer TAPPED every year, an annual exhibit that presents paired works of art by current or former artist/teacher pairs.

* It is important to note that this project is open to CURRENT or PAST professor/student pairs. The 'student' half of the pair may be a college freshman, a retired veteran, or at any stage in between. Likewise, the instructor half of the pair may be currently or no longer teaching. The sole criteria for the pairing is that the relationship between the two was a formal teacher/student one at some point in time.

(Yes, this project is also open to those whose teacher/student relationship is/was in the high school or other primary or secondary education level).


Submission to this exhibit may be initiated by either party. Artists will seek out an instructor who has been a key teacher to them or whose work they particularly respect and 'tap' them to participate in this project submission.

 instructors may 'tap' artists who are their current or former students to participate. Either way, the 'tapping' is intended as a form of honor and invitation. The type, style, media, etc. of the works by each member may be very different. However, it is highly advised that the pairs (or groups) of entrants discuss and consider their mutual entries in terms of quality prior to submission. This is especially important for current students. But please note that the works submitted by one artist are not required to be similar or even relate in theme, media, or style to the other artist.

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Thursday 3 September, 2020
Saturday 26 September, 2020

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