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Precious Cargo, Precious World 20-21-

Launch of the Art/NaturSci Movement on the AVONTUUR, a sailing cargo ship

Art Science Exhibits Berlin is an independent enterprise created and consistently recreated, by artists and scientists. The exhibitions and public programs we present work to greater the sphere of ArtSci conversation - towards positivity and solutions. Our mission for the future of nature-kind is to help regenerate Earth's ecosystems.

The performative-activist art of launching the Art/NaturSci Movement by wind considers Earth's recovery from many aspects, especially the CO2 output of shipping international art exhibitions.

Artworks from the Founding Members set sail on the AVONTUUR from Hamburg, Germany, November 2020, arriving at port of call in Douarnenez, France.

The collection that traveled aboard represents the leading-edge of environmental art making, with dedication to ecosystem regeneration.

Humankind’s degradation of the oceans and forests, the immediacy of the effects of weather changes, and the intimacy of the effect on us, is stunning. And the driving force for the determined action of many to meet these challenges head on.

And so, Art Science Exhibits Berlin has developed the most solution based partnership with Timbercost Cargo Under Sail, a brave company offering zero carbon footprint for transport.

Because when people begin to connect to beautiful answers, change can occur.

Join us!

Project Partners: &

Art/NaturSci Movement’s Founding Artists & Scientists:

Christine Pereira-Adams, UK
Louise Beer, New Zealand
Stefaan van Biesen, Belgium
Adam Crosson, USA
Brent Dedas, USA
Manuela Fischer, Switzerland
Dr. Alex Jordan, Max Planck Institute Germany
Nikolina Kovalenko, Russia
Dr. Agnieszka Kozłowska, Poland
Gerardo Nolasco, Mexico
Nina Schipoff, Switzerland
Stefan Schlumpf, Switzerland
Alisi Telengut, Canada/Mongolia
Rosa Vetrano, Italy
mp Warming (Founder), USA/Germany
Dr. Helmut Weissert, ETH Zurich Switzerland


Thursday 3 June, 2021
Sunday 27 June, 2021

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