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Part of You—— Searching for the symbolism about body parts artworks (Expired)

  • There is an English phrase 'a long face'. When people say ‘ he has a long face’, which means he is  unhappy. Face is supposed to be part of our organ, but in this sentence, it is given meaning here, indicating emotion. 
  • There is a movement called ‘free the nipple’ that argues women’s bodies, sexuality and safety. in this campaign, nipple means empowerment and equality.
  • By giving meanings to human organs, they may represent an idea, a culture, or an equal rights struggle that brings us closer together.
  • The theme of this exhibition is' Part of you ', where visitors could question which part of body means to you. also, they can know about different cultures' interpretations of body parts and what these parts mean to artists.

Hello, I am the curator of this project and now my identity is a student in Master of Contemprary Curation. Because of the COVID-19, we suppoesed to have an exhibition in our shcool gallery, now we only accept the digital artworks for exhibit online to share the information and display the project from students. We have Official account on Instagram and also I have profile on professional art websitet called ARTS THREAD. Although we can not display your works in venue, but we will record the project and try to get everything back to normal, our shcool may consider use our proposal to exhibit your works.

If you have interest, please contact me. 

How to apply: 

Send the work to my email

Please prepare the information of works and the short introduction.

Thank you.

Best Wishes.


Sunday 26 July, 2020
Sunday 9 August, 2020
Winchester Art Gallery
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SO23 8DL

National , Winchester

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