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MediaFutures Open Call

Startups and artists can now apply until 28 January 2021 (12 pm noon (CET)) for equity-free funding of up to €80,000 to tackle misinformation about COVID-19 using data as part of the MediaFutures project which aims at contributing to high-quality media activities.

MediaFutures establishes a data-driven innovation hub to offer grant funding and support for startups and artists through three Open Calls. The project is supported by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program on Big Data Innovation Hubs. MediaFutures are part of the S+T+ARTS ecosystem.

They are looking for pilots, artworks, and experiences that use data to encourage citizens to engage more meaningfully with high-quality journalism, science education, and digital citizenship.
MediaFutures has three program tracks open for applications:

• Artists for Media – a six-month Residency program for artists with an innovative concept to explore data and technology, and its impact on individuals and society
• Startups for Citizens – a six-month Accelerator program for startups to build a product or service that encourages novel, meaningful ways to engage with media content
• Startup meets Artist – a six month mixed Residency and Accelerator support program for teams of startups and artists to collaboratively develop new ideas around data technology and the arts

Startups, SMEs, and artists are invited to apply with solutions to one of four Challenges, three of which focus on responding to misinformation around the coronavirus pandemic:

• Viral Complexity – accounting for the complexity of coronavirus through data literacy
• Building Bridges – reintegrating society by bridging communities that have been fragmented by responses to coronavirus
• The New Media-tors – reimagining and rebuilding the role of mediators to tackle misinformation around coronavirus
• Open Challenge – for projects that address issues around misinformation

The support program follows a 3-stage-approach:

For Startup meets Artist and Startups for Citizens tracks only. During one month the artists and startups will refine their project, define the use of technology and clarify the goals of their participation in the MediaFutures support program At the end of the month, a pitch event will be organized. Artists and startups will present their business model and collaboration project in front of a jury. This jury will select half of the teams to continue the support program and take part in the BUILD phase.
The artists selected for the Artists for Media track will directly start the residency program at this phase. This phase lasting approximately 6 months is the core part of the program. During this period, the teams will focus on achieving the goals of their support projects.
The teams reaching the required percentage of their Key Performance Indicators will access this final stage. A demo day will be organized to showcase the work carried out during the program. A prize of €5,000 for artists and €10,000 for startups will be awarded for the most successful contestants, following the decision of a jury.


Wednesday 13 January, 2021
Thursday 28 January, 2021
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