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Figurative 2021

Open to all artists 18 years and older.  All painting mediums allowed including drawing mediums and digital painting. (For this competition, digital and drawing mediums are categorized as a "painting".)  

Artwork must be representational and clearly depict a human art form as a real life image. The artwork may be any style, including abstracted shapes, however, a human form(s) must be present in the painting.  A "Full Body" image is not required, however, it should not be a portrait of just the face. 

We are sorry, we know quite a few "figurative pieces" are nudes, however, CB's Policy is No Nudity - private parts must be covered.

Enter the Competition

This is a competition, only the award recipients will be in the online group exhibition. The selection of artwork will be chosen by Jury based on the number of entries, technical skill, quality of work, originality and the criteria for this event.  Please allow up to 3 weeks after the deadline for review and preparation for the online show.


Thursday 3 June, 2021
Sunday 27 June, 2021

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