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Feed Your Demons and Meet the Ally

Proposing to explore the artists’ personal relationship with their inner demons, ‘Feed Your Demons and Meet the Ally’ functions as a curated, ZIP-compressed, collection of material from around the world surrounding the subject of demons in time of emergency. Just like social isolation has confined many of us inside the private spaces of our homes, the download of the exhibition file allows the user’s encounter with the work to play out within the private stage of the desktop. As usual for all ONE Project exhibitions, the focus is on work of art: in this case, a ZIP file containing a plethora of material including videos, sounds, images, texts, and documentation of physical artworks or performances.


Whether you decide to challenge or feed your inner demons during these unfamiliar times, creating art is a good way to assist you in doing so and collaborating to do it even more. Yet, we know it is not easy to be creative when you are in the middle of a storm. Capitalist messages are still circulating despite the crisis and artists are feeling pressured to produce more, make something new and learn new skills. We do not want to force you to be so.

All we ask is to submit a file to with your details and an image, video, or text document that challenge us to think about demons in time of emergency.

Type “struggling with my inner demons” in Google and you will be presented with online programs on feeding your demon (Tara Mandala, 2020) and plenty of books on how to reach your enlightened self by facing your inner beasts. Surprisingly, technology is, in fact, helping many of us coping with feelings of distress while living in isolation during the CODIV-19 crisis. Using the technological framework of a unified ZIP file, contributions from selected artists who responded to this exhibition’s open call are compressed into one directory. ONE Project encouraged artists to collaborate and submit material as a group, as well as individually.

Serving our demons rather than resisting them contradicts the traditional approach of battling against whatever assails us (Allione, 2020). But it turns out to be a very effective way to awake your inner demons and transfer their energy into you.

Details you need to provide us with

1. Name
2. Your Email
3. A short bio (approximately 100 words)
4. Website (optional)
5. A caption to your submitted work
6. Please add the word SUBMISSION in the subject of your email

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Tuesday 12 May, 2020
Monday 1 June, 2020

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