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'Class of 2020' Call to Profile Emerging Artists Affected by Covid-19 Closures

Coronavirus pandemic. Many of their plans will have been disproportionately affected by the responses of countries around the world, degree shows have been forced online, studio visits halted and arts festivals postponed. We invite emerging artists, ‘the class of 2020,’ to answer the following set of questions:

  • Where are you spending the lockdown?

  • Where, if anywhere, would you rather be?

  • What item in your current studio environment are you most grateful for?

  • When do you tend to create art?

  • Which artwork is giving you inspiration during this time?

  • Which song is going to represent the summer of 2020 for you?

  • Who would you want to self-isolate with, if you could choose any figure from history?

  • Why might the pandemic have impacted your artistic purpose?

  • Would you say you feel the need to respond to this quarantine as a subject in your art?

  •  What are you looking forward to doing once it is over?

Please send your answers in a Word Document or PDF to, and include your name, age (optional), country, and where people can see more of your work. Please also attach an image of the last piece you were working on before entering lockdown, or if you do not have one, an image of your current working space.

Deadline: Saturday 30th May.

RUYA MAPS will then share your responses online and on social media.


Wednesday 20 May, 2020
Saturday 30 May, 2020
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