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Birds in Art 2021

2021 Birds in Art Prospectus

Submissions are now open; the deadline for entry(s) is April 22, 2021.

Click here to proceed to the 2021 Birds in Art online entry form.

Download the PDF form of 2021 Birds in Art Prospectus or request via email

Three simple words – birds in art – took on a life of their own when they became a Woodson Art Museum exhibition title. Moving toward the exhibition’s milestone fiftieth anniversary, Birds in Art is recognized around the world as the exhibition that sets the standard for avian art.

Since 1976, Birds in Art has showcased the remarkable talents of more than 1,000 international artists, who have presented their best work interpreting birds and related subject matter.

The strength and pre-eminence of Birds in Art were soundly demonstrated in 2020, when, despite the global pandemic, the Woodson Art Museum maintained its commitment to organizing and presenting the exhibition. Artists around the world responded in kind.

The Woodson Art Museum again invites two- and three-dimensional artists working in all mediums other than crafts and photography to submit original artworks for jury consideration for Birds in Art 2021.


  • No one dimension shall exceed 72 inches [183 centimeters].
  • No work shall exceed 150 pounds [68 kilograms].
  • All work must have been executed in 2019, 2020, or 2021.
  • No work shall have been previously exhibited at the Woodson Art Museum.

Entry Procedures

  • All entries must be submitted online or postmarked by April 22, 2021, and postmarked entries must be received at the Museum no later than April 27, 2021. [Overseas artists: Even air mail can take two to three weeks to reach Wisconsin. Don’t wait until the postmark deadline to send your entries since they may not arrive by April 27.] 
  • A maximum of two works may be entered per artist; however, artists selected for Birds in Art will be represented by only one work.
  • A maximum of one digital image per two-dimensional work and two digital images per three-dimensional work may be submitted.

    NOTEAll images are projected on a large screen using an LCD projector; please consider this when selecting digital images for submission.

  • Each entry must be represented by digital images: 300 dpi (pixels/inch); jpeg OR tiff format; CMYK OR RGB; largest dimension must be 7 inches (pixel dimension 2100).
    a.) Images can be submitted online along with completed entry form and fee OR
    b.) Put on a DVD or USB flash drive and mailed to the Woodson Art Museum along with completed entry form and fee.
  • Artists are encouraged to remove frames and matting for photography and to mask out any extraneous background that might impact the jurors’ ability to view the image.
  • Digital files must be identified by artwork title.
  • For one entry, a $55 non-refundable processing fee payable to Woodson Art Museum in U.S. Dollars drawn on a U.S. bank must accompany the entry form, OR the fee may be charged to American Express, Discover, Mastercard, or Visa. For two entries the non-refundable fee is $65. (Entries accompanied by payment made in a currency other than U.S. Dollars will not be accepted.)
  • All artists submitting images for consideration can receive a complimentary Birds in Art 2021 catalogue, shipping included (approximately 134 pages; full color).
  • The Woodson Art Museum is not responsible for the loss or damage of DVDs or USB flash drives.
  • Your canceled check or credit card charge will be notification of the Museum’s receipt of your entry.

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