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Becoming Earthly – Imagining new futures OPEN CALL

The Barn is inviting applications from artists working across all media who wish to participate in an experimental learning space to open up new innovative forms of working.

For 2020, The Barn has created Becoming Earthly an online programme of explorative sessions for artists working with ecology artists, anthropologists and philosophers, to imagine new ways of working and new futures.

Becoming Earthly reflects a need to develop a shift in perspective towards care for the thin skin of the earth that is the atmosphere and topsoil on which all life depends. We surprisingly know very little about this skin. It is only a few kilometres in depth and yet all our futures, human and nonhuman, are dependent upon it. In the thinking of Bruno Latour, anthropologist and an influential political philosopher, we have to land, become terrestrial rather than seeking escape to another planet. We are locked into this thin skin of earth.

Latour calls upon the arts to support a process of becoming terrestrial. In a quieter period, he argues, it might make sense for scientists to limit the collaboration of artists to decoration and popularization. We now need aesthetics to sensitise us to other ways of life. We need artists to sensitise us to the shape of things to come.

However, becoming earthly is disorientating. It fundamentally challenges our beliefs, values and interests. For many artists, the pressure to address the climate emergency in which we are all implicated, can feel like an intrusion into creative practice. It can feel fundamentally at odds with established notions of creative expression. How do we create and develop artistic practice inside the thin skin that is our world, towards a future where both people and the planet will flourish? How can we work as artists and arts organisations in a critically informed way in relation to art and ecology?

The Barn is inviting applications from artists working across all media who wish to participate in an experimental learning space, a thought experiment of sorts. We are interested in practitioners who are open to the challenge that Latour presents in becoming earthly.

It is not necessary to have prior experience of ecology, but essential to be curious about exploring new forms of work through dialogue. We want to encourage applications across all the arts and are particularly keen to encourage those artists working in theatre, dance, performance and new media. Our aim is to create the conditions to open up new innovative forms of practice that respond imaginatively to the challenges we now face.

Location: All Scotland ,England, Wales, Northern Ireland, International

For further information, please contact (Simone Stewart), or visit

The deadline is Friday 10 July 2020 at 15:00.


Friday 26 June, 2020
Friday 10 July, 2020
The Barn
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