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Šiluva Art Biennial'21 Open Call for Artists

In the context of Šiluva, the term “Touched Land” can be understood on several levels: Šiluva is an area of exceptional sacral value, touched by the feet of the Mother of God, tired pilgrims and the Pope. This place is daily passed by local people and preachers. The touched land can be either the heart or he soul of a person who has experienced the power of touch in solitude or togetherness. As well, the touched land can be creation by human, which could bring at least one step closer to the divine reality. The touched land may be the one who may not yet know that it longs for touch…


Art biennial continues the traditions of international art symposiums Signum Sacrum in Šiluva as of 2007. In 2021 Šiluva Art biennial’s programming, emphasis is put on experimental, emerging, and distinctive artistic practices – and on productions of critical and societal relevance. It is a representative, wide-range international event that presents various works of art, authors, art researchers and curators.

The aim

Association’s «Pilgrims of Art» long-term objective is to use arts as a vehicle to strengthen community cohesion, educate, raise awareness and provide a platform for development. Through its creative work it is committed to bringing change into the lives of people of all ages, abilities and cultural backgrounds.

The calendar of biennial (2021 July 13 – October 30):
July 13th Biennial opening
July 12-22th Art symposium
June 13th – October 30th  Exhibitions, presentations, performances, workshops.

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Wednesday 13 January, 2021
Sunday 28 March, 2021
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Call for Artists