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Artnoise 2020 Open Residency

Artnoise 2020 Open Residency is a year long program designed for Creatives who work in the digital space interested in exploring African arts and take steps in developing their careers and artistic development.

This section of the program takes place in London, UK and focuses on the growing west african art community as well as the historic pieces in the London Museums and provides time and space for digital creatives such as digital illustrators and painters, video game artists, Youtube content creators and other digital arts professionals to create, research, experiment, cultivate new directions in their work as well as execute new projects. In addition to a shared studio space and living facilities, artists are invited to immerse themselves in the local creative community, art exhibitions and festivals, visit galleries and have the opportunity to learn from their peers in the hosting city.

Duration of residency

3 weeks


Artists will be lodged in a shared house for just residents and have access to in-house studio and shared studio space

Disciplines, work equipment and assistance

What does the program offer?

Artnoise Open 2020 Residency offers the opportunity for Digital Creatives to immerse themselves in a new culture and be inspired by Contemporary African Arts and have a glimpse into Diasporan African Arts Community in London. Participants are provided with living space, a studio, accessible 24 hours a day and a local escort. Participants will be expected to exhibit their work in local exhibitions or festival before they depart. Knowledgeable staff are available to provide technical support and assistance.*

Who should apply?

This program is aimed at Game Arts, Digital painters, Cyberartists, Photographers, Game Artists, Immersion (virtual reality), Motion graphics artists, Tradigital art and other digital arts professionals who are interested in drawing inspiration from African arts and cultures whether they speak English, French, Arabic, Spanish, Portuguese or German.

Studio / Workspace

Shared studio space

Fees and support

$350 for the duration of the stay includes feeding and welfare

Expectations towards the artist

The artist is expected to submit work for the final exhibition but this is not compulsory

Application deadline2020-11-22

Residency starts2020-06-01

Residency ends2020-06-21

LocationUnited Kingdom

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Friday 18 September, 2020
Sunday 22 November, 2020
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London , London