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Value Clash: Exhibition

Value Clash 

Exhibition 25th - 27th Feb 2021

We are currently accepting applications for this exhibition. 

Art exists because humans value it. 

This exhibition is about art’s relationship to the idea of value. We are looking for artworks or practices that explore the idea of value. How are different value systems, such as aesthetic, moral and monetary systems represented in contemporary artworks? How do artists understand and scrutinise value, and conflicts of value, through artworks? These questions underpin this exhibition.

We are interested in exhibiting artworks that address the idea of value in a variety of ways; value doesn’t necessarily have to be the narrative focus of the artworks you wish to submit. There are many forms of value, such as moral values, aesthetic values, environmental values, cultural values, educational values and monetary value. Art has a value of its own, but this exhibition aims to elaborate on the relationship that contemporary art has to other human values. Art’s value is intertwined with other forms of value, in a variety of formats. This exhibition aims to illustrate these relationships. 

Value Clash will take place in London, UK from February 25th-27th at the Hoxton Arches Gallery Space, Covid-19 allowing. If restrictions don’t allow for an in-person exhibition, this event will be rescheduled later on in the year, date TBC. 

To submit, please send for review one document containing a few images of your work and a brief (250-word max) bio/description of how your practice/artworks relate to the exhibition concept. If you have an online platform where we can see your work then please include links as well. 

There is no fee to apply or to exhibit if successful. 

Please send submissions to this address:


Thursday 25 February, 2021
Sunday 28 February, 2021
Hoxton Arches
Venue Address
Arch 402 Cremer St, Hackney, London E2 8HD, United Kingdom

London , London

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