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Bow Skills: How to Win Art Opportunities (Expired)

Based on her experience working behind the Ashurst Emerging Artist Prize and with individual artists, Caitlin Smith will discuss how to find the right open calls for your work, how to approach this realistically and engage judicators as effectively as possible. This talk will offer practical, actionable tips that can be applied across applications, with a focus on a methodical and organised approach for applying to arts opportunities. Covering researching opportunities through to what you should actually submit to an open call, this talk aims to help artists and creative practioners look objectively at what they are already doing and develop this to be as effective as possible, whilst also providing guidance on where to source reputable opportunities.

Bow Arts seeks to support creative professionals at all stages of their careers. In 2015 Bow Arts launched Bow Skills in response to an artist survey which showed over 90% of practicing artists find it useful to receive further support outside formal education. Bow Skills is a dynamic and relevant programme of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) which is informed by an artist steering group and open to all creative practioners and artists across London. The programme of talks, panel discussions, new skills labs and peer crits is open to all and bookable through eventbrite.

Caitlin Smith Bio:

Caitlin has been working in Visual Arts for over 13 years and has worked across many facets of the industry from commercial sales to marketing and event management with a range of clientele. She was lucky to be awarded the Chelsea Arts Club Trust Research Fellowship in 2011 where she developed her skills and passion for working with both emerging artists and platforms, as well as those who are working within more niche areas namely across visual, performance and photography. Currently she is the Marketing Consultant for the Ashurst Emerging Artist Prize, a Board Member for performing arts platform Insights Platforms and gives support to a range of clients from individual Artists to more established organisations with developing their audience engagement and reach. At the centre of Caitlin’s drive is the desire to support projects and platforms with their audience outreach through marketing and business development strategy. In turn she hopes this actively encourages more people from the wider public context to confidently engage with the industry as a whole, believing that more awareness and more engagement can positively impact the growth of the Arts as a whole. 


Wednesday 13 February, 2019
Wednesday 13 February, 2019
Bow Arts Courtyard Room
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183 Bow Road, London E3 2SJ

London, London

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