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bern69 (Expired)

An open call for 2020 MA graduates from London art schools to exhibit work as part of an October exhibition at Kensington Gardens.

bern69 is a nomadic artist-run space by Nadia Berri:

I have always considered curators and exhibition-makers to be artists, playing with and creating their own worlds and telling their stories through other artists’ work. Conventionally, an exhibition concept, agenda or theme always precedes and directs what works will be chosen and shown. bern69 wants to turn this convention on its head: to start with the works and then discover a narrative or story through the choice, location and exhibition of its content. -Nadia Berri

The first edition of bern69 will be a guerrilla exhibition in Kensington Gardens, London on the weekend of 10 + 11 October. 2020 MA graduates from London art schools are invited to propose three works – they can be finished work, works in progress, or site-specific work – from which around 15 pieces will be selected. Then, together with the artists, Berri will choreograph and place these selected works around the gardens in such a way as to create a trail of artworks for the public to stumble upon, encounter and begin to construct their own narratives.

In addition to this, this trail and the works will, at times, be further activated by a group of third year drama students, using the works as props, scenery and prompts for performance.

Please send proposals to:

Deadline: 17 September 2020


Friday 11 September, 2020
Thursday 17 September, 2020
Kensington Gardens
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London , London

Call for Artists