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Call for Submissions - Essays, Reviews, Poetry, Visual Arts


We are delighted to announce an ongoing Call for Submissions for the Decorating Dissidence website . 

Published every six weeks, this online journal explores the political, aesthetic and conceptual qualities of craft and the decorative, from modernist experimentation in the early twentieth-century to contemporary practices today. 

We hope to open up a space for dialogue between contemporary and modernist makers, breaking down and expanding temporal, spatial, and disciplinary boundaries to find new ways to critically engage with feminist art history. 

We’re interested in any kind of submission that explores the place of art within feminist and modernist histories, as well as within contemporary practice. The following list contains examples of the kinds of articles you may wish to consider submitting: 

  • Articles relating to feminism, art, craft, literature, political protest and modernist studies (in all its forms).
  • Articles considering the lasting legacies of marginalised women artists,  
  • Interviews with activists, academics and artists.
  • Reviews of books, papers, or other events.
  • Creative writing and poetry.
  • Practice-based responses to the themes listed above (eg) visual art, crafting, performance, video, graphic design etc.

Articles should be 800-1000 words in length. 

Submissions are open to all: activists, creatives, artists, makers, curators, students, writers, poets, PhDs, ECRs and academics.

Please send proposals to


Wednesday 8 January, 2020
Tuesday 31 March, 2020

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