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Call for Entries: Pound Competition

Art competition looking for artwork submissions in any medium from UK artists.

Pound has been established as an experiment to see if a micro-scale art funding project can exist soley on the change in our pockets. Pound is a art competition open to everyone and anyone with a simple application process without time consuming proposals. It is intended as a means of encouraging grass-roots art projects and artistic experimentation.

A project funded by artists, for artists.

The winning artist(s) is awarded the ‘pot’ of submission fees collected and is expected to invest this money in themselves, their practice, or a new piece of work. The winning artist(s) application and the amount they received, who the independent judge was, the number of submissions, and how the winning artist used the ‘pot’ will be published on the website.

If successful, the competition may be run as a monthly initiative in the future. 


1. You can enter any artwork in any medium 
2. Multiple submissions are accepted, granted only one artwork per submission. 
3. There is a £1 entry fee per submission 
4. All submissions are digital. No physical submissions are accepted. 
5. The deadline for submissions is midnight on the 31/05/2019. 
6. The winner will be awarded the ‘pot’ of entry fees for the month minus costs. 
7. An independent judge will choose the winning Artist(s). 
8. The competition is only open to anyone, you don’t have to identify as an artist. 
9. The total of the prize ‘pot’ is not revealed until it has been won. 
10. The judge’s decision is final and cannot be disputed.
11. You must be a resident of, practicing in, living or studying in the United Kingdom


In your submission please include; Your Full Name; A link to, images, or a PDF of the artwork; The artwork’s medium; One sentence describing the artwork; One sentence proposing what you intend to do with the ‘pot’. 

If submitting files, please ensure they are less than 10MB. 

1) Pay the £1 entry fee, here 
2) Submit your entry, less than 10MB, to 


Tuesday 30 April, 2019
Friday 31 May, 2019
Venue Address

London, , UK Wide

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