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Personal Space: Call for Submissions

Online Exhibition: Free Entry

Surface Gallery invites artists and creatives to take part in Personal Space, an online display of Performance Art.

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Performance has often been used as a way of engaging directly with social reality, the politics surrounding identity, and the specifics of spaces. In a time when we’ve all had to get to grips with a new reality of space and interactions, this is a fitting moment to see how performance art can pose questions about how art relates to people and the wider social world.

Entries to Personal Space can have any theme, we aim to present a wide variety of contemporary performance art. Submissions that were created during the COVID-19 lockdown period are encouraged, to help put new explorations of space and personal identity in context. Personal Space will investigate the online exhibition setting and the evolving role that the gallery plays.

The exhibition will be hosted on our website, Facebook and Instagram. Artists can present pre-recorded work, or present work live via video stream. These will be presented regularly with a published schedule to create an evolving exhibition that will interact with the rest of our exhibitions programme.

We are keen for this exhibition to interact with us in creative ways, so if you have a novel idea for how you could present performance art with us, or do a social media takeover, please get in touch.


Friday 26 June, 2020
Saturday 11 July, 2020
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East Midlands , Nottingham

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