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Chameleon: Contemporary Colour Exhibition (Expired)


At Surface Gallery this Autumn, artists are invited to explore colour in art today.

A broad subject matter, there is much more to colour than hue, saturation and luminosity. Colour can become a form of language, helping people throughout history express their joys, feelings and pleasures. Inspiration taken by artists from the surrounding world has allowed us to redefine our use of colour in a constantly changing culture. Edvard Munch remarked of The Scream: "I sense a scream passing through nature. I painted... the clouds as actual blood. The colour shrieked."

Chameleon will examine the sheer diversity of the way colour is used in contemporary art practice. All artwork that explores colour will be considered; any theme and any genre, including portraiture, landscapes and abstraction is welcome. Artworks that examine different methods of presentation are encouraged. We are looking for innovative and critically informed work, as well as technical skill. The show will be held in Surface Gallery's main exhibition space.

This exhibition marks twenty years of Surface Gallery. Over the years the gallery has displayed hundreds of exhibitions and supported thousands of artists, helping to develop creative careers for artists and it’s dedicated team of volunteers alike.


One exhibitor will be awarded a solo show in Surface Gallery’s main exhibition space. This will be an opportunity for the selected artist to showcase new work in a contemporary art gallery. The winner of the prize will be chosen by a selection panel.

Application packs can be downloaded here:

Chameleon 2019 Application Form
Chameleon Terms & Conditions

For submissions of artworks visit

Each artist can submit one artwork for £10, three for £15 and six for £25. Successful artists for this juried open will be notified by Monday 9th September 2019

Deadline for submissions: Midnight Friday 6th September 2019


Monday 26 August, 2019
Friday 6 September, 2019
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