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Community Empowerment Installation - Essex, UK

About the programme

As the biggest community gateway in the country, Eastlight has ambitions to pioneer a ground-breaking new approach to community empowerment.  We are creating the UK’s first community incubator – a major new innovation programme that will bring our communities together to tackle the big social issues that matter to them. 

We are going to involve hundreds from across the community in identifying social problems and coming up with initial ideas. After that we are going to create five teams of local people and pay them to work full-time for six months to develop innovative new projects and services that tackle these social challenges, from mental health issues to opportunities for young people. We’ll then support the best of those ideas to become a reality through grant funding and support.

About the installation

We want to ensure our new approach to community empowerment is clearly rooted in the lived experience and hopes for the future of people in our community. With this in mind we’re looking to create an installation that brings this to life in an immersive, engaging, and inspiring way.

This final installation will be exhibited when our programme launches in the Autumn in the entrance hall of Eastlight House. These newly refurbished offices have been redesigned to be more accessible to the wider community, with the whole downstairs open to the public. We’re looking for an installation that:

  • Roots our work in people’s lived experience. We want this to bring to life in an immersive way the experiences of a diverse range of people in our communities of the pandemic including the social issues that have affected them and that they want tackled.
  • Sparks positive discussion about the future. We want to use this as a springboard for people to share their hopes for the future and kick off conversations as part of the programme around the social challenges to take on / role of the community in taking the lead in tackling these.
  • Is co-created by the community. We want the installation to be the culmination of input from community members over the summer, with outposts in our estates/ communities/ town centres, which come together to form the final work.
  • Is long lasting/ multi-purpose. We want something that has longevity. This might mean it is multi-purpose and can be used beyond our entrance hall. It might also mean it builds over time as our programme progresses.
  • Helps build a culture of community empowerment within Eastlight. We want this to act as a daily reminder to Eastlight staff of our ethos as a community gateway.

This is a high profile element of our approach and we’re willing to invest in ensuring it has significant impact. 

We are looking for full submissions with quotations to be made to us via by 25th June 2021.

For more information please contact and a member of the team will be in touch.


Friday 4 June, 2021
Friday 25 June, 2021
Eastlight House
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