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Photograph of a road sign warning of traffic lights ahead that is half-submerged in floodwaters.

Why writing ‘cli-fi’ might relieve your eco-anxiety

How does writing fiction focused on climate change impact those who write it? Dr Rachel Hennessy, Alex Cothren and Amy…

job interview. Three women at a desk, two with their backs to the camera, one on the other side being interviewed.
Career Advice

6 questions you should be ready to answer to smash that job interview

Timothy Colin Bednall details some of the most commonly asked job interview questions and how best to answer them.


It’s beginning to look a lot like burnout

How to take care of yourself before the holidays start.

AI. Woman with brown skin leans over her daughter to teach AI on laptop.
Education & Student News

AI is now accessible to everyone: three things parents should teach their kids – and themselves

We're all learning how to use AI on the fly, but kids especially must learn the risks as well as…

Shane MacGowan. Image is of two band members on a stage, one singing into a microphone and wearing a flat cap.

Shane MacGowan: a timeless voice for Ireland’s UK diaspora

MacGowan gave visibility to the second-generation Irish in England, says Dr Sean Campbell.

Voice. A Yes sign in a suburban front yard in Caulfield South.

Australia’s museums collecting the history of Voice referendum

Museums are working in real time to document the Voice referendum and create historical collections for the future, says Kylie…

Artist. A young girl in floral baseball cap leaning over charcoal drawing using her finger to draw. Child artist taking a risk.

Three activities to help your child think like an artist

The habits of an artist include the ability to generate ideas, trust creative processes and tolerate ambiguity. Here are three…

noisy office

How noisy offices can make us more territorial

Open-plan noisy offices can have a detrimental effect on employees' well-being and satisfaction levels.


From Burning Man to Woodstock to Fyre Festival: what turns a festival into a disaster?

The major problem for most festivals is not external shocks like rain, but poor planning, hubris and deficiencies in management.

Career Advice

How to deal with a Machivellian boss

Manipulative, distrustful, self-serving: learning to spot the signs of a Machiavellian personality can be important in the workplace, argue Nelly…

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