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Written by Charlotte Josephine and presented by Snuff Box Theatre, the team behind the sell-out, multi-award winning Bitch Boxer, BLUSH tells five candid stories about image-based sexual abuse and all its many victims.  BLUSH is a slap in the face and a call to arms. 

Blush feels like powerful and important theatre on an urgently contemporary issue (The Daily Telegraph).

This angry, honest and heartfelt piece seeks to encourage and broaden examination of how the scarcity culture in modern society is fuelling our shame, encouraging the destructive belief systems that we are not enough.


Daniel Foxsmith and Charlotte Josephine (who won a Stage Edinburgh Award for BLUSH) lead this fast-paced production, exploring why society has a desire to shame, what it’s the result of and how we allow this to happen.  BLUSH shines a light on the secrets we attempt to keep in the dark, our fears of disconnection and our attempts to be part of the tribe.

The catalyst for the piece was legislation passed in April 2015 to make revenge pornography a criminal act.  The law now makes it illegal to disclose a ‘private sexual photograph or film’ without the consent of the person depicted.  Many people consent to the creation of an image but having it made public is a very different matter.  While revenge pornography may have been the catalyst of Blush, the true focus of the work is shame.  


Event starts
Tuesday 20 June, 2017
Event Ends
Tuesday 20 June, 2017
Venue Address
Cannon Hill Park, Queen's Ride, Birmingham B12 9QH

West Midlands, Birmingham

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