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“Not By Appointment Do We Meet Delight”

The other potential title for this year's ExPurgamento winter exhibition (our fifth!) was Best Laid Plans. Gerald Massey (above) says it better: accident, serendipity, chance, mistake, unforeseen event, delight in the unexpected. 

We will be showing work in all media from an international and interdisciplinary crew of artists, in which a chance occurrence became the decisive moment in the creation of an art work, or to put it another way: where the object itself intervened in no uncertain terms in the process of its own creation. You can't control life, it would be unreasonable and, which is a far greater crime, unforgivably dull to presume to control art. We're not entirely in charge, there is comfort in that.

Participating Artists:

Elzbieta Smolenska, Pawel Wasek, Danuta Solowiej, Katy Evans Bush, Astrid Alben, Marzena Pogorzaly, Chris McCabe, Almuth Tebbenhoff, Henryk Terpilowski, Sophie Herxheimer, Fulvio Testa, Antonella Gandini, Ti Parks, Christopher Reid, Jack Robinson, Wolfgang Neumann, Andrzej Maria Borkowski, Natalia Zagorska-­?Thomas

About us:

Studio Ex Purgamento is a small gallery in Camden Town owned and curated by Natalia Zagorska-­?Thomas. The 7m x 2m white box attached to a domestic space opens two or three times a year to show work by contemporary artists in all media. It aims to present work of well and lesser known international artists alongside their British counterparts.

"Tate Modern is getting bigger. A corporate-style video on the ground floor informs me that the ‘Project’ will include ‘an urban plaza’ and ‘a fabulous restaurant’. The first thousand visitors will get an inflatable day-glo rabbit signed by Jeff Koons. I made that last bit up, or maybe I didn’t, but not the first. To which I can only respond: the intimacy and congeniality of Natalia’s studio, whose human scale (6 by 2.3 metres; the Tate’s turbine hall is 152 metres long and 35 high) encourages playfulness without any loss of discrimination, have never been more necessary or welcome".
Charles Boyle - CBeditions

"Studio ExPurgamento is one of the most exciting things in London: a professional gallery, inside an amazing flat where almost every object is either a work of art or an arresting trouvée. You have to know about it to know it's there, and when you go in it's like entering another world. The exhibitions are real events, and feature performance, literature, made objects and pictures. And the art is the real thing. Ex Purgamento is a gem".
Katy Evans-Bush - Baroque in Hackney

Times:  Saturday & Sunday: 11.00 - 18.00 Monday - Friday: Telephone First (11.00 - 18.00) Closed 24th Dec - 27th Dec

Admission:  Free


Event starts
Tuesday 9 January, 2018
Event Ends
Sunday 14 January, 2018
Studio ExPurgamento
Venue Address
132D Camden Street

London, London

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