Japan goes Gaga over Gaga tea cup


A tea cup Lady Gaga was seen using on Japanese television could be sold for as much as $14,000.
Japan goes Gaga over Gaga tea cup
In an attempt to raise funds for the March 11th recovery efforts, pop star Lady Gaga has decided to auction off a teacup that she was seen using on Japanese television. The cup, which comes with a lipstick smear as well as the performer’s signature, was put up for auction on April 30th at the starting price of one Japanese Yen. Since then, the bidding price has risen to a staggering $US14,600, and there’s no telling just how much more the price will rise before the cup is finally sold on May 6th. Lady Gaga drank from the cup herself during a televised press conference in Tokyo alongside U.S. Ambassador to Japan, John Roos. The proceeds of the auction will go directly to the Tomodachi Arts Fellowship Program, an initiative which helps Japanese art students to further their study by travelling to the United States. The initiative is part of a wider scheme to support the recovery of last year’s earthquake, and to strengthen the economic ties between Japan and the US. The pop star is just one of the many celebrities putting their fame to good use in the hopes of providing some relief to those still suffering from the Japanese earthquake and tsunami. Pop star Cyndi Lauper is another favoured face among Japanese people, after the singer continued with her concert plans despite landing in Japan during the crisis. “I played in Tokyo, and when I sang ‘True Colours,’ everyone sang back to me,” the singer said. “If I left, what would ‘True Colours’ have meant anyway? What kind of healing song would it have been if I came in singing that and then hightailed it out of here because it looked a little scary?” Since then, Lauper has returned to the country as promised, and has wasted no time in offering help and support to the victims of the disaster by visiting and spending time with the communities most affected by the tragic events. Lady Gaga’s returning visit to Japan will be her third since the country was struck by the disaster. The singer has expressed a great love for Japan and its culture, naming it one of her favourite places on earth. She will be touring the country on May 10th, 12th and 13th as part of her worldwide Born This Way Ball tour. Those wishing to track the auction price of the Gaga teacup can do so by visiting the auction site.

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