Indonesian artist launches exhibit in Paris


Indonesian artist Eko Nugroho has extended his Paris exhibition due to popular demand.
Indonesian artist launches exhibit in Paris
An Indonesian artist has a lot to boast about, after his exhibition in Paris’ Musee d’Art Moderne was extended to run until June. The works of Eko Nugroho appear to have appealed greatly to Parisians, perhaps because they were greatly inspired by the artist's time in the famous city. Not only is Nugroho lucky to have his exhibition extended, but he also boasts being the first Indonesian artist to have his work exhibited in a Paris museum. Now, his art installations are a prevalent presence within the museum’s Chamber 17, while his murals can be seen covering the walls, ceiling and columns of the room. “The street art statements came from my interaction with people in Paris,” Eko said (The Jakarta Globe). “I tried to capture everyday life around here as I rode around on my bicycle.” Eko’s pictures were transformed through embroidering rayon thread on fabric. “I like to experiment in multimedia, from painting, drawing and comic illustration to animation, batik and embroidery,” he said. Through his work, Eko has touched on the political tensions currently prevalent in Paris due to the upcoming presidential elections. He believes that the same messages will translate to young Indonesians who are also familiar with political tensions. “This is what my street art project is all about,” he said. Eko has built quite an international name for himself, travelling to cities such as New Orleans, The Hague, Helsinki, Brisbane and Taipei to exhibit his unique art. Many museums have current displays of his work, including Tropen Museum in Amsterdam, the Asia Society Museum in New York, the Gallery of Modern Art in Brisbane, Haus der Kulturen der Welt in Berlin, Artoteek Den Haag in The Hague, Cemeti Art House in Yogyakarta, Akili Museum of Art in Jakarta, the Singapore Art Museum and the Contemporary Arts Center in New Orleans. This is the third time that Eko’s work has taken Paris by storm. In 2009, he took part in a show at the Veduta Project, before working with Louis Vuitton in 2010. Eko is in Paris this year thanks to the SAM Art Projects, a private initiative that allows for two contemporary artists from developing countries to enjoy a five-month residential stay in Paris, where they have the opportunity to exhibit their work at museums. Eko’s current exhibition is titled “T’emoin Hybride” or “Hybrid Witness”, and will be on display until June 10th at the Musee d’Art Moderne in Paris. Further information on the exhibition can be found at the website.

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