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Short Comedy Seeks Lead Actors & Actresses (Expired)

Just Mary is a short comedy drama about Mary, a twenty something failed actress who is struggling with her identity. After stumbling upon an advert for a casting agency that specializes in film stereotypes and cliches, she decides to apply for it as a last resort 

When her stereotype personality test results come back as inconclusive, she is recommended to take a variety of classes that will allow the agency to find a stereotype to suit her. Some of the lessons include 'the perfect meet cute' and 'walking in slow motion' 

Along the way she meets a mix of unique characters and a bunch of stereotypes, and ironically ends up finding herself through learning to be someone else

Available roles

Female aged 18 to 32

Mary is of average height, slim build and has long (preferably dark) hair. She is friendly, chatty and eternally hopeful that good things will happen in her life, no matter how many unfortunate happenings come her way. She is also prone to clumsiness and has an endearingly awkward quality about her. The role will require good comedic timing and the ability to cry on cue 

Male aged 18 to 32

Josh is tall, slim and handsome, the perfect romantic lead. He is charming, passionate and caring. This role will either require an RP accent or some variation of an American accent 

Male or female aged 18 to 60

The instructor teaches and advises Mary and Josh on the many techniques and devices used in tropes, stereotypes and cliches. They are confident and assertive but have a soft side and only want the best for their students 

Female aged 18 to 45

Sharon is the agency's receptionist and always presents herself with a polite, helpful and bubbly demeanor


Monday 11 September, 2017
Monday 18 September, 2017

West Midlands, Stoke-on-Trent