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Stupid Boys (Expired)

'Stupid Boys' follows the teenage life of character Phoebe Vale, as she tries to find herself a boyfriend in her last year of high school. With every new boy obsession comes a new tactic to getting them to be her guy 

With Prom close by, she ends up going to drastic measures to catch herself a man. Revealed right at the end of the film, Phoebe has kidnapped the boys that have turned her down, in order to ensure a date.

Available roles

Female 15 to 22

Phoebe Vale is the quirky one of her friendship group. She is an average looking girl but wants to be noticed by somebody. She is not particularly funny or clever, but she enjoys art and being creative. Confident in going after what she wants, she makes it her mission to find a boyfriend for her last year of high school 

Male aged 15 to 22

Alex Harper - 'The First Crush'. Phoebe's first crush, he sits next to her in Art Class. He has no real artistic talent, but Phoebe always admires his work. Part of the popular group of boy in her year, Alex turns Phoebe down by changing his seat in the class 

Male aged 15 to 22

Oscar Poole - 'The Goofball'. Oscar is Phoebe's second attempt at getting a boyfriend. He is the renowned 'funny guy' of the class and often uses humour to cover the fact that he isn't the brightest spark. He enjoys playing pranks on people and hanging out with his friends, one prank goes too far and Phoebe takes it as rejection 

Male aged 15 to 22

Jacob Dane - 'The One She Regrets'. Acting all innocent, Jacob spends most of his time in the library. He always wears Argyle socks. Phoebe sees him as sweet and quiet in his actions. This until she discovers he's been writing cruel comments on her friends work book, hence her immediate regret of finding him attractive 

Male aged 15 to 22

Sam Bucket - 'The One thats Out of her League'. He's handsome, he's cool and he's in a band! What more could a girl want?! With long hair and a VANS backpack, Sam Baker is the man of Phoebe's dreams. Until he brutally turns her down to her face, his vanity and self-obsession are his biggest flaws 

Male aged 15 to 22

Lee Walters - 'The Best Friends Brother'. Phoebe knows Lee very well, and sees him often round her friends house. Lee is athletic but also incredibly smart. He is a year older than Phoebe, but he's always nice and polite to her. Phoebe's heart breaks when she sees Lee with another girl


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