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Independent film company are looking for 30 film extras and 6 people to play the lead roles in a powerful and gritty real life drama based around a lottery winner on a tough council estate 

Kelly is a struggling penniless single mum when she lands a huge lottery win making her a millionaire overnight. Kelly is a much liked girl on the estate but her sudden wealth has has got a lot of people jealous. 

Kelly does not want to move from the estate as this is where all of her friends and family are and so she buys a plot of land next to the local pub and builds a big house. Its not long before the people around her turn on her and even though Kelly remains a loyal and friendly person, she starts to suffer abuse at the hands of former friends. 

This film is emotive and powerful exploring the relationship between sudden wealth and loyalty 

Film extras will be needed for 3 scenes. There will be fake snow on set and will be required for a whole days filming. You will then be needed a few weeks after that for another 3 scenes and will be needed for a whole day. 

All extras will be paid including expenses. The film will be submitted to film festivals throughout 2017

Available roles 

Male & female all ages & looks 
 Up to 30 film extras, any age or look (under 18's please get parental permission before applying) 

Lead role 1: 
 Kelly. aged 18 to 35, ragged looking but must 'scrub up well' 

Lead role 2: 
 Bev - aged 18-35, to play Kellys sister, all looks considered, must be able to become teary 

Lead role 3: 
 Carl - aged 18 to 40 to play Kellys brother, any look 

Lead role 4: 
 Chris - aged 25 to 50 to play local hardman 

Lead role 5: 
Miles - aged 18 to 40 to play a corner shop owner


Wednesday 15 February, 2017
Wednesday 22 February, 2017
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