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Hangover (Expired)

Its staff bonus time and the staff of Mikes cafe are planning a huge pub crawl. Theres just one problem! The boss has spent all the wages on himself. So with no money, the gang are going to blag, steal, borrow & beg for every pint they drink 

This comedy will follow Micky, Jimmy, Becky, Jules & Tramps as they attemp to visit every pub in their town before midnight - all 30 of them. Where will they end up? Who will they end up with and what the hell has happened to Jimmy? Will they ever find him again? 

'Hungover' is a darkly comedy with serious undertones exposing the drink binge culture of today and is the first film from a team of aspiring filmmakers. There are many roles available and auditions will be held later this year. You will need to be available for a few days possibly during the late Autumn / early Winter 

Filming will take place mainly in the London suburbs and also some beach locations on the South coast ( probably Brighton / Devon ) & possible the North if England 

We will be looking to enter 'Hungover' into various film festivals in 2017 

There will be payment to be confirmed including expenses

Available roles 

Male aged 20 to 30 
Jimmy - This role has now been cast 

Female aged 18 to 30 
Jules - manic, loud and boistrous, loves downing a pint 

Female aged 18 to 30 
Becky - dainty and quiet as mouse, sips wine and prefers a night in to a rowdy pub. Becky will transform throughout the night into a wild & loud laddette 

Male aged 18 to 30 
Tramps - scruffy, oily jeans, long hair, geeky. Tramps is a secret martial artist and weapons expert and will perform a simple fight scene against 2 bouncers at a nightclub doorway 

Males aged 30 to 50 
Bouncers - 2 men, well built, bit dumb looking 

Female aged 25 to 45 
Policewoman - needs to be able to run 

Male aged 25 to 45 
Policeman - needs to be fast runner 

Boys & girls aged 12 to 18 
Local gang - rowdy and annoying (parent permission needed to apply) 

Film extras aged 18 to 80 
Various scenes


Wednesday 14 June, 2017
Wednesday 21 June, 2017
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Various Locations

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