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Film Extras , Actresses & Actors Wanted for Lead Roles in Film

Extras,actresses and actors for main roles in a new film trilogy about what really happens inside primary school wanted. 

The movie is full of laughs,drama,and learning to do the right thing.It is based on the life of the actress who plays the main character and the characters available all symbolize people in her life. 

A lot of spots for extras , actresses and actors are taken but the ones listed below are available.

Available roles 

Extras - Male & female, all ages 
 We are looking for lots of female and male actors aged 7-11 years old and we are also looking for 4 adult female actresses and 1 adult male actors 

Sienna - Female 
 Main character's worst enemy always getting into fights with her.Sienna is constantly followed by her three minions 

Jason - Male 
 The main character's dreamy love interest.The love interest secretly has a crush on the main character 

Jenna - Female 
 The girly girl Jenna is one of the main characters friends.Jenna loves fashion and makeup like any typical girly girl 

Danna - Female 
 The new enemy of the main character and of most of class 6J 

Miss July - Female 
 Miss July is the amazing,fun teacher of class 6J who can sometimes be a little crazy! 


Wednesday 15 February, 2017
Wednesday 22 February, 2017
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