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Film Extras, Actors & Actresses for Feature Film

We are looking to produce out fist feature length film this Autumn and are looking for an array of actors, actresses & film extras. We have already cast some roles but still have many more to fill. The filming will take place in in London, Manchester and Glasgow & Dover.

This film is about a family of illegal immigrants that arrive on the shores of Dover seeking a better life. They are soon trafficked into a life of slave labour in kitchens and factories before escaping and making their own way in life only to find hardship and poverty. This is a gritty and realistic film about the plight of immigrants and the seemingly loss of hope in search for a better life. The film takes a turn when one of them buys a winning lottery ticket but then trouble ensues when trying to cash it in. This film, although raw and powerful is also heart warming and funny at times.

There is payment of £180 per day for lead roles and £100 for film extras

Available roles 

5 x Females aged 20 to 35 
 Playing the wives 

5 x Males aged 20 to 35 
 Playing the husbands 

5 x Male & females aged 25 to 50 
 Playing an angry protestor crowd 

25 x Male & females any age 
 Film extras for various scenes 

5 x Male & female aged 14 to 20 
 Playing loud teenagers in a park (parent / guardian permission needed to apply) 

Other parts may become available


Wednesday 15 February, 2017
Wednesday 22 February, 2017
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