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Hungry (Expired)

Stylized but with room for the performer to play. An intricate, sharp and intense short film. 

Story Synopsis: The lonely, passionate cook, Bruce, finally gets a customer in his restaurant. After taking her order, he feels the need to create a perfect, beautiful and tasty dish. 

But his passion and sense of perfection for cooking also leads him to take injuries, a lot of injuries. Yet, Bruce never gives up. 

Having created a beautiful dish, the only thing left is the appreciation of the customer.

Available roles

Male aged 20 to 40

A young ambitious man. 
Workaholic. Perhaps doesn't know the line between personal and professional. 
Doesn't really get the easiest ride but tries his hardest at any opportunity, much more than others. Extremely passionate and focused individual. 
Being a perfectionist has cost him a lot, cannot physically stop until the task at hand is done to an above perfect standard. 

Ability to communicate other than using words - facial, physical etc.


Monday 11 September, 2017
Monday 18 September, 2017

London, London